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Troubled Teens Wilderness Therapy Programs

Wilderness therapy is an empirical program that takes place in a wilderness or distant outdoor setting. Programs provide counseling, therapy, education, leadership training and ancient living challenges that promote community and group interdependence as well as individual honesty, consciousness, openness, liability and answerability.

Wilderness therapy programs consist of structured activities in which a wilderness setting and wilderness therapy are important mechanism that tell between these programs from adventure programs, residential action centers and boarding schools. Programs create a time for reflection, discovery and building new skills. Rather than become angry, teens learn to become forceful.

Teens enter a wilderness program on a trip of self-discovery. When participants become concerned in routine that are logical and necessary in nature, the natural result is to develop relationships, converse, reveal their problems, help each other, face the consequences of their behavior and discover their hidden potential.

The wilderness program is to prepare parents and children to turn their hearts to one another and walk in harmony in the wilderness of the world. The wilderness is not a harsh place to break youth down, but rather a safe place, free from distractions to learn, consider one\\\'s life, find out God and family build relations of trust and prepare to begin anew.

The outdoor environment of these wilderness camps and experiential learning help students recognize and build upon their own sense of self-worth as they learn the value of helping others In the moments when they are alone surveillance a sunset (and not a television), children discover their true self. Teens discover their true feelings as well as more sensible hopes and thoughts.

The goal of these wilderness programs is to make orientation points that each child may tap into later for positive self-reinforcement. The staff and daily curriculum give students the tools they will need to chart a course for future growth and success and begin making progress in their lives.

Youth that contribute in wilderness therapy programs are ages 13 to 18 and are good kids that have gotten off track and need guidance and structure to help them make better choices. The wilderness setting removes modern distractions, simplifies choices and teaches valuable lessons. As a result, students begin to accept responsibility for personal decisions, address individual and family issues, and become invested in their own personal growth.
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