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Resources for Parents of Troubled Teens in Alabama

Alabama Troubled Teen Coed Schools AL. Boot Camps AL. Boarding Schools AL. Christian Boarding Schools
AL. Christian Teens AL. Group Homes AL. Teen Homes AL. Troubled Teen Help
AL. Military Schools AL. Summer Programs AL. Treatment Centers AL. Parent Help Options
AL. Wilderness Camps AL Troubled Teen Options AL. Troubled Teen Help AL. Help for Troubled Girls
AL. Help for Troubled Boys AL. Troubled Teenagers Al. Drug Rehab Al. Drug Treatment Centers
AL. Christian Drug Rehab AL. Residential Treatment Centers

Information for parents and families in AL who are looking for help with their troubled teens and unmotivated kids.

Alabama is a southern state located in the southern United States; the population of Ala. is 4,447,100 as of 2000. Ala. is the 30th largest state in the United States. Ala. was once a region claimed by the Spaniards as part of Florida. The English also claimed it as part of the province of Carolina. Nevertheless, when the French took over Louisiana they also took over the territory including Ala. So, it is better if your teens (both boys and girls) know English. The 1999 total gross state product was $115 billion placing Ala. 25th in the nation. Alabama generally ranges in elevation from sea level at Mobile Bay, to a little more than 1800 feet or 550 meters near the Georgia state line.

Alabama can be a great place for troubled teens

Problems in teenagers can be solved. provides options for parents and teens in different locations of world. educates the youths' parents about the various Ala. options. More schools and programs are added everyday.

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