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Therapeutic Boarding Schools Programs Troubled Teens | Treatment Centers & Camps has put together a comprehensive listing of Therapeutic boarding schools, Program, Camps, and Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens.  Our Child Placing Specialists are here to help you find the very best match for your teen's specific issues (call 888-703-7260).  Therapeutic boardng schools are the first choice for most parents, but there are plenty of options for parents seeking immediate therapeutic help through treatment centers and other programs (Wilderness Therapy Camps) that address the troubled teens and substance abuse (drug abuse, and heavy alcohol use), acute mental health issues (bipolar, depression, austim spectrum disorder, eating disorders), major acting out behavior (physically assaultive toward parents or siblings, stealing the family car, destruction of property [destroying the home], theft inside and outside the home), runaway, anger, defiance toward parents and other important authority, skipping school and dropping out, sneaking out at night, sexually acting out, hetrosexual and homosexual encounters with predatory adults, gender identity issues, and the list goes on.  

If you are a parent of a troubled teens and you are seeking help through therapeutic Christian boarding schools, adolesecent treatment centers, troubled teens camps, wilderness therapy camps, or other types of therapeutic programs for troubled teens please call 888-703-7260.  Parents seeking help for their troubled teenager often seek a local therapists first, meaning most parents of troubled teens look to local therapeutic services before all else.  If that does not work, parents then seek other valuable options, such as: residential treatment centers, boarding schools, Christian boarding schools, military schools, boot camps, wilderness therapy programs, drug abuse treatment centers, Christian drug rehab programs, summer camps, troubled teen homes, and coed schools.  

if you are a parent of a troubled teens and you are looking for Christian boarding schools for troubled teens, adolescent substance abuse treatment centers, residential treatment centers for teens, wilderness therapy camps, counseling centers for troubled boys & girls then you have come to the right website,  Troubled Teens Directory (TTD) is the most honest and integral Internet-based educational consulting service available. TTD is designed to serve parents who are in need of help for their troubled teen and are looking for trouble teen programs  or camps engineered to restore troubled teens. Are you a parent searching for schools, camps, or programs for troubled teens. Troubled Teens Directory is directed and managed by child placement specialists who are very familiar with the plethora of boarding schools and trouble teen  programs options. Our vision is to serve the parents of troubled teens by providing unhindered access to lists of special needs schools, articles, and other resources related to the troubled teen. Additionally, we offer free education consultant services to parents who are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of programs and boarding school options.


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Common Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders in Teens

When it comes to our Teens, we all hope that they are going to be as healthy as possible. However, many parents will quickly realise that there are lots of childhood illnesses and issues that can crop up over time. Some of the most common is ear, nose and throat problems.

These are usually caused by the adenoids which are enlarged during those early years and is there to help fight off any infections. By the time a child reaches three, the adenoid becomes redundant, and then becomes smaller over time. Here are some of the early disorders that can affect Teens and their ear, nose or throat health.


The tonsils. Much like the adenoids are there to help fight off any infections that can hit a younger child during their early years. They can be enlarged in some Teens and this can cause breathing problems at night as well as snoring.

Not only this. But they can also end up affected by an illness which is known as tonsillitis. Whilst a sore throat will only last a short amount of time and has no ill effects, however bacterial tonsillitis can last for as long as a week and will not only give them an extremely sore throat and swollen glands, but it can also give them a high fever and make them sick. If this happens on a regular basis then you may find that it is recommended that the tonsils are taken out in hospital.

Glue ear

Another issue that can be caused by the adenoids is a blocked eardrum. With the blockage, over time, mucus can accumulate behind the ear drum, which, in turn can cause problems with speech delay, hearing issues and even recurrent ear infections.

Many Teens will have glue ear at some point, and in the most part it will clear up by itself. However, if this isn’t the case then it may be suggested that grommets are used, which are small ventilation tubes, or perhaps even a hearing aid during the times when glue ear is present.

Snoring and sleep apnoea

You may not think that snoring is a problem, however, snoring can also go along with sleep apnoea. This is all caused by a blockage to the upper airways that occurs during sleep and it can cause a drop in the blood oxygen levels of the child during their sleep.

Those who are simply snoring may find that this clears up as they grow up, however, there are some Teens who struggle with their sleep apnoea and find that it is causing them other issues. If this is the case, then it may be suggested that the tonsils and the adenoids are removed.

The majority of childhood illnesses are mild and will take a short amount of time to get over. However, if you are concerned about your child’s health then it is always best to speak to a medical professional who can help you to determine the best approaches to take.


Troubled Parents Helpline - 888-703-7260

Troubled Teens Directory provides valuable professional resources for parents that are looking for schools for troubled teens, programs for troubled teens, struggling youths boot camps, camps for troubled teens, military schools, wilderness therapy camps & programs, homes for troubled teens, emotional growth schools, substance abuse programs, drug rehabilitation hospitals, residential treatment centers, psychiatric programs for troubled youth, group homes for troubled teens, Christian boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, transport services, drug treatments centers, and boarding schools.

Moreover, Troubled Teens Directory is a clearinghouse of resource information for the parents of troubled teens in need of immediate assistance. It is our desire to provide the parents of troubled youth unlimited access to lists of boarding schools and programs for troubled teens, as well as thousands of articles involving the topic of parenting troubled teens. We believe that there are way too many troubled families who are taken advantage of by unscrupulous and fraudulent Internet-based educational services who prey on unsuspecting and vulnerable/desperate parents. These services are driven by high-pressure sales and greed. They present them selves as a “provider of information” but in reality they only provide information on schools that pay them kickbacks. We at Troubled Teens Directory do not receive compensation from schools and programs, and are not paid by any school or programs except by those who advertise on the Troubled Teens Directory site. These schools are clearly identified as “sponsors” or “advertisers”.


If you are a parent of a troubled teen then you realize that your life has been turned upside down and you are trying to make it through each day at a time. There are many Internet-based placement services that hope to take advantage of your vulnerability. They hope to make money off of parents who are overwhelmed by grief and lack of understanding. Most of the Internet-based services hire and train sales people who are not qualified, trained, or experienced to offer educational support. What parents really need is unhindered access to information, coaching, and an advocate who is not after their wallet.

There are so many options available to the parent of a troubled teen. There are so many school options, as well as a real danger in making the wrong choice. We can save parents thousands of dollars and years of heartache. The last thing a parent wants to do at this time is to compound the already unbearable problem. Allow our education specialists' experience and gentle hearts lead you to choose the right solution for your child. Our specialists can lead you to schools and programs nationwide; such as, residential treatment centers, wilderness programs, Christian boarding schools, therapeutic programs, boarding schools, private schools, social services, crisis intervention centers, individual therapy, substance abuse programs, and many more. We will provide affordable Educational Consultant services to help your child succeed.

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